Intercepted Letter from a Jihadist

by Rich Rubenstein on March 6, 2017 · 0 comments

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Friends, a leaker who will remain nameless sent me a copy of this letter from the infamous Ebal Al-Masri. It is reproduced below without comment.

From: Eqbal Al-Masri, Commander-in Chief, Global Jihad Organization

To: Local GJO Commanders Worldwide

Beloved Comrades,

You have probably heard by now that the fool in the White House has banned immigration to the U.S. from six countries. The ban is termed “temporary,” but it will probably last for years. Thanks be to G_d for giving us such an opportunity to make the Americans pay for their crimes against our people.

As you know, four of the six countries listed by Mr. Trump’s executive order are failing states that contain some of the poorest, most desperate people on earth. Somalia is in the early stages of another famine. Yemen is being ripped apart by an incredibly brutal war financed by the Saudis and the Gulf emirates. Libya is in virtual anarchy following the stupid removal of Gaddafi (another gift of the Americans and NATO to our cause!). And we all know what Syria is like.

By preventing refugees from these countries from applying for admission to the U.S., the fool Trump is doing our job for us. We want these people to be trapped in hell, and we want them to blame the Americans for their plight. We know that the more hopeless and bitter people are, the more of them we will recruit. Al Shahab in Somalia and our comrades in the other banned nations should have a field day!

And that’s not all! The Iranians and the Sudanese are not quite as destitute as the others, but this grossly insulting ban will increase their hatred and contempt for America and their desire for revenge. The ban will also put pressure on the Europeans, since even more refugees will now head in their direction, and it will strengthen their nationalists and Islamophobes. It may even help to destroy the European Union, thanks be to G_d!

Therefore, comrades, let us give thanks. And make sure you instruct those of your people seeking martyrdom in the U.S. to get a passport and visa from one of the 51 Islamic states not on the banned list, or, for that matter from any other nation at all!

How strange it is – but how wonderful! – that the same people who oppose banning firearms because “criminals will always have guns” now think that banning refugees will prevent “terrorists” from entering their land. They apparently have never read a story by one of their own great writers called “The Masque of the Red Death.” Let’s hope they remain as foolish and misguided as their leader.

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